Eric's Bagels       New York State of Mind

Eric's Bagels New York State of Mind

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A bit about  me

I'm about taste and tradition, above all.

I've always loved food. I love even more when people enjoyed my food.

When I was a young man I had the chance to work in a deli, which sparked a fantasy that

I could run my own someday.  


You know how it goes though, life took over and so I put the thought aside.


I wound up making the move from my life long home in Bayside, NY after meeting my wife

almost 10 years ago.  Who Knew this Queens boy would end up in Stamford, CT.

However, I quickly missed certain hometown comforts, the New York was bagel at the top of that list.


So, finally I decided to make my fantasy a reality and bring a taste of home to Connecticut.