My Story

It is about taste and tradition above all.

Since I was young I not only loved food, but I loved when people enjoyed my food.

 I worked in a deli for a bit and I often thought maybe I would want my own business.  

You know how it goes though, life took over and so I put the thought aside.


 After meeting my wife years back, I wound up making the move 

 from my life long home in Bayside, NY to my now happy home in Stamford, CT.

I quickly missed some comforts, and the New York bagel was at the top.

 I would tell my wife, "someday I'm going to make it happen". 

3 years ago I decided to follow my passion and take this bagel tradition to Connecticut.  

I is important to me that I select only high quality ingredients for the best taste and texture.  

Yes, crispy on the outside and just the right amount of chewy on the inside.  

My bagel method proves to be the authentic New York style in almost every way, except geographically.  

Carefully baked to perfection, one dozen at a time.

My Mission is for you to experience pure bagel joy, along with that memorable indulgence while

eating our Old School NYC style bagel.  

They're signature, yet traditional flavor is what brings families to the table.


Let me take you back to the roots of this infamous taste.  ​


Welcome to my world.  


1230 Newfield Ave, Stamford, CT 06902


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